About Wattbuy
WattBuy is an online electricity marketplace that helps you save on electricity costs by switching you to a cheaper electricity provider. We empower residents to make better informed decisions about their home electricity costs by allowing them to browse and select plans in their area. Over the past few years, several state governments have deregulated the electricity provider industry, allowing homeowners the right to choose who provides their electricity. Today, residents in 14 states can choose among 50+ electricity providers and plans to find one that matches their preferences. WattBuy is backed by the Department of Energy and Techstars Accelerator.
Our Story
In 2014, we dealt with the frustration of choosing electricity providers ourselves. WattBuy was built in response to this problem that we and so many friends and family in Texas, Washington D.C., and around the country have experienced. We set out to build a service that could clear complexity from the equation.
Transparency and Trust
Earning your trust is our utmost priority. Our mission is to build a transparent, fair and just marketplace where we can provide the best savings opportunity and experience for you. Our small team of engineers and data scientists have built WattBuy.com to provide customers unbiased, straightforward information about electricity savings.
Meet The Team
Naman Trivedi
Naman Trivedi
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Ben Hood
Ben Hood
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Contact Us
Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments. We will do our best to reply to any inquiry within 2 business days
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WattBuy is a Department of Energy 'Apps for Energy' 1st Place Winner.
WattBuy is a Techstars backed company.
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