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Give your consumers the tools they need to understand their home - electricity usage, carbon footprint, utility rate, and information for any address in the US.

Our Products

Usage & Cost(kWh)

Estimate monthly electricity usage and bill amount for any residential address in the US - no customer input needed.

Carbon Footprint(lbs CO2)

Estimate monthly carbon footprint for any residential address in the US- no customer input needed.


Get the base utility rate for any residential address in the US. The most up-to-date and reliable Utility Rate Database.

Key Utility Info

Easily access key utility information, such as name, website, and phone number, for any residential address in the US.

Leading with Insights


3 in 4 prospective homebuyers and renters list cost of utilities as somewhat or very important in evaluating a home. But, every other tool will tell you that customers will need to sign in or give you their bill before they can give energy insights. Hook your customers with key insights for any address - no login or account linking required.


With more than 3,700 electric utilities in the United States, electric rate structures are changing nearly every day. Our machine learning approach allows us to ensure we always have the most up-to-date information, and avoids the pitfalls of manual rate loading.


Our business is built on partnerships - when you succeed so do we. That’s why we add our usage and carbon footprint insights to our cost data - not only do we have the best utility rate data out there, we give you the other components you need to create excellent products to help your customers and our planet.


Access to Data

We believe that every company should have the tools to build a clean energy business.


Don’t need a lot of data or just exploring?

Create an account on our Developer Portal to explore the documentation and test drive the APIs. We’ve given you a limited number of daily calls to get started. If that’s enough for you, feel free to get straight to work.

Make it official

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Here for Education or Government?

.gov and .edu email addresses are by default given up to 1,000 API calls per day. We believe in the key role education and government play in fighting climate change, so no need to waste time talking to us. Need lots of data? Contact our sales team.

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