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Why WattBuy ?
Because we help you lower your electricity bill with cleaner, cheaper electricity. WattBuy ensures that you have access to the most competitive electricity options so you can find the best plan for you, putting the power back in the hands of the consumer. You can then save money by comparing these local electric plans and making a switch.
Save Money
Through our site, one simple switch to the electric provider of your choice will put your mind and wallet at ease.
Go Renewable!
You can support renewable energy growth by choosing a renewable plan through our site! Enter your zip code, then simply filter for renewable plans to view our wind and solar offerings so you can do you part to help the planet.
Analytics Platform
Our revolutionary analytics platform will continue to save you money even after you’ve switched.
How does it work?
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Find Your Address

Enter your address to compare offers for your household.

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Select Your Plan

Utilize our side-by-side comparisons to see the available plans in your area and find the best solution for your household.

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Order the Plan Online

Switch to your new provider from the comfort of your home. Make the switch on our site then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the savings.

Order the Plan Online
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Help your customers take charge of their electricity
WattBuy provides a comprehensive set of APIs for companies to create their own electricity marketplace, increasing existing customer value and providing clean, 100% renewable energy options.
WattBuy provides a free and seamless concierge service to help residents select the best electricity plan custom branded to your property.
More States soon...
more states soon
WattBuy is a Department of Energy 'Apps for Energy' 1st Place Winner.
WattBuy is a Techstars backed company.
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