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Expanding Access to Affordable Clean Energy

WattBuy started with a question: could we build trust and transparency in a sector that was benefiting from a lack of it?

When it came to energy choice, there was no source of truth for consumers to understand their options, and more often than not, the industry preyed on low-income households and confused consumers in order to sell electricity plans.

Our mission was, and continues to be, to democratize access to affordable, clean electricity. But educating customers alone won’t capture consumer mindshare when it comes to making home energy decisions. We’ve focused on three areas: providing personalized energy recommendations, creating cost-saving mechanisms, and reducing friction by meeting consumers where they are.

As a result, we’ve evolved from an electricity marketplace into a clean energy platform that empowers enterprises to help their customers choose more affordable, clean energy options for their homes. We’re focused on bringing transparency, intelligence, and actionable insights to consumers wherever they might be making home energy decisions.

In the wake of the latest report from the UN IPCC, there has been increased interest from consumers and corporations alike to drive fast adoption of clean energy across the world. So when we were approached by top-tier partners like SE Ventures and MCJ Collective, who identified with our mission and wanted to invest in WattBuy as a driving force behind this adoption of clean energy, we knew it was the right time to accelerate the investment in our growth to scale our reach. That is why we are very excited to add an additional $10 million to our Series A, bringing our total funding to $13.25 million for this round.

The appetite for WattBuy’s direct-to-consumer and API products has never been greater. We’re already reaching millions of consumers and helping some of the largest enterprises in the world to build clean energy brands of their own - and our success with partners like Intuit Mint, Updater, and Samsung SmartThings only serves to reinforce our belief that every company needs to become a climate company.

The options for affordable, clean energy continue to grow, and we’re excited to lead by providing consumers with intelligent, actionable insights for electricity plans, community & rooftop solar, TOU rates, and more. We’re excited to partner with Schneider Electric and MCJ Collective to advance this ambition.

Our team is 23 strong and rapidly growing, including the recent hire of our company’s first CFO, Bobby Tulsiani, who joins from Opendoor and Netflix. With this raise, we have several positions open on our jobs board and are looking for driven and passionate people to join us.

I’m excited to see our hard work making a difference, and I’m excited to share with all of you our success to-date. But our work never stops, and I hope to share more good news as our plans unfold and the world moves one step closer to a more sustainable and affordable future.

  • Naman Naman Trivedi is the co-founder and CEO of WattBuy

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