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Top 5 Sustainability Documentaries and Movies to Binge This Summer

Want to learn more about climate change, sustainable living and our environment? We've curated the perfect list of documentaries and movies just for you!

Here are some of the best sustainability documentaries and movies to binge watch this summer when it's just too hot to enjoy nature outside:

A Plastic Ocean

This adventure documentary shows the disturbing amount of plastic pollution found in our oceans. Released in 2016, A Plastic Ocean is still relevant today, maybe even a bit more. We definitely recommend watching this if you're interested in learning more about plastic pollution and how it affects our oceans and food chain.

Watch A Plastic Ocean here.

Kiss the Ground

Kiss the Ground is a documentary, narrated by Woody Harrelson, that goes into depth about regenerative farming and agriculture. This practice has the ability to balance our climate while feeding the world. If you're looking for an inspirational film with a hopeful message about the climate crisis, this is the film for you.

Watch Kiss the Ground here.

regenerative agriculture

Chasing Coral

Released in 2017, this film follows a team of divers and scientists as they set out to discover why coral reefs are vanishing in unprecedented numbers. Filled with data, this documentary explores the prediction that if nothing changes, by 2050, 90% of reefs could be lost. Watch this film if you want to learn more about ocean conservation and coral reef bleaching.

Watch Chasing Coral here.

A Life on Our Planet

Curious about humanity's impact on nature? Biologist and natural historian, David Attenborough, reflects on all he knows about nature and the devastating changes he's seen in his lifetime in this film. Attenborough does offer a message of hope for future generations, so it's not all doom and gloom.

Watch A Life on Our Planet here.

ocean life

Brave Blue World

Brave Blue World is a more hopeful documentary that reveals a more optimistic look at humanity and the technologies and innovations being created to help solve the world's water crisis. The documentary features scientists, engineers and activists from across the world to challenge the way we think about water.

Watch Brave Blue World here.

Happy Streaming!

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