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WattBuy Announces Investment from Amazon’s Alexa Fund

Over the last few months, we've seen a significant increase in momentum in our mission to make affordable, carbon-free electricity possible for everyone. As we strive to strike collaborations that help customers at all stages of their electrification journeys, we're very excited to have a major player that is willing to invest in us and our mission. We're pleased to announce that the Amazon Alexa Fund has invested in our business, which will help us achieve our shared vision of a sustainable future.

The Alexa Fund is Amazon’s venture capital arm that invests in startups across smart electronics, ambient computing, artificial intelligence, and entertainment. Paul Bernard, Director of the Alexa Fund, shared his thoughts on the investment: "At Amazon, our vision is to work backwards from the customer and WattBuy aligns with this value as a great example of a company that is enabling a more efficient and affordable future for homeowners with its data-driven approach. We’re excited to support them and their purpose-driven mission as an investor.”

Consumers have come to expect frictionless experiences even when managing complex challenges like today’s home energy choices. Understanding utility bills, calculating rates, analyzing seasonal usage patterns, grappling with geographic inconsistencies in availability, comparing offers and financing, and sometimes navigating misleading claims: all of this can result in needless expense, hesitation, mistrust, and selection of subpar alternatives. WattBuy bridges these gaps by creating powerful insights and simplifying the cost-savings of decarbonization and electrification for homeowners and the companies that serve them.

WattBuy's data-driven approach simplifies finding the best energy options, making us transparent, trustworthy, and customized for each individual. Our energy API product enables enterprises to serve robust energy insights and experiences to their customers, while our direct-to-consumer service experience delivers curated, cost-saving energy options for 120M+ households. With a quick address search, we share reliable insights into an individual home’s electricity use, assess usage and costs, and provide personalized recommendations.

With the Alexa Fund on board as an investor, along with our recent launch with Redfin, WattBuy is demonstrating its commitment to providing homeowners and companies with robust energy insights and experiences. With Redfin being the first real estate site to respond to customers’ concern with energy costs, we are proud to have revealed these previously hidden insights as a key part of the home buying, renting, and owning processes. We believe the investment from the Amazon Alexa Fund further solidifies our position as a leader in the home electrification space, and will help us reach consumers at scale, at the right time, and through brands they love.

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