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Dayton Power & Light Rebrands After 110 Years

According to Dayton Daily News, Dayton Power & Light, the Dayton area’s largest electric utility, is changing its name after 110 years.

In 1911, the Hills and Dales Railway Co. bought two competing Dayton utilities, bringing all of Dayton’s electric service under one roof. The company was named the Dayton Power and Light co.

From now on, Dayton Power & Light will be AES Ohio. Kristina Lund, who was recently named AES Ohio’s president, said she knows the rebranding process will be gradual.

‘We know it will take our customers and our community some time to really start to use the AES Ohio name, and that’s normal. Even the process of rolling this out is going to be gradual,’ Lund told Dayton Daily News.

According to Lund and Brandi Davis-Handy, the chief public relations officer for U.S. operations at AES, elected officials and local leaders have discussed the name change.

‘Overall, the sentiment (among local officials) has been positive,’ Davis-Handy said.

The company’s new name officially hit its websites on Wednesday March 3, and the company is now working on changing company uniforms and vehicles to represent its new name.

Customers will begin to see a new name reflected on their bills, but Lund explained how the company’s goal hasn’t changed.

‘DP&L has a century of providing reliable, cost-effective and safe energy for our customers in Dayton and Miami Valley,’ Lund said. ‘This commitment to our customers will not change, but we are changing the name because technology and innovation are creating important changes and opportunities for our customers.’

According to Lund, DP&L’s new name AES Ohio ‘signals where we’re headed as a company.’

AES Ohio serves more than 527,000 customers and represents 1.25 million people in West Central Ohio. Its service area covers 24 counties within 6,000 square miles.

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