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New Opportunities with Pennsylvania's Sustainable Energy Fund

Deregulation of electricity markets in Pennsylvania has opened a variety of opportunities for easier access to renewable power. For example, the Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) aims to help communities in Eastern Pennsylvania fund sustainable energy projects. 

Deregulated electricity markets put more power in the hands of the consumer, and with this power comes the need to be educated about different potential sources of and responsible practices regarding power generation. To address this, the SEF also holds several events, such as the Energy Path Conference, to educate the community about clean energy and issues involving the future of electricity markets.

The SEF represents one of many ways in which communities stand to benefit from deregulated power markets. With the transparency deregulation allows, SEF allows for increased savings and more straightforward paths to renewable energy financing for small businesses and members of the community. The opportunities are quite tremendous for those looking to provide true value to power customers in creative ways.

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