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Penelec Electricity Rate Comparison

Penelec Electricity Rate Comparison

This time series shows a comparison of Fixed plan and Variable plan rates in the Penelec distributor region.


1 - Until recently, the market was quite chaotic as far as consistency of prices goes - unlike what we have seen in other regions (and in analysis across all of Pennsylvania), the 2 year fixed plan was not the cheapest plan until most recently.

2 - The variable plan was the cheapest ESCO plan from Nov 2011 - May 2013. Important to note is that variable plans tend to be listed with their promotional "introductory price" as equal to their monthly tariff. As the monthly rates can change, and more detailed information should be sought by customers looking to switch electricity to a different energy supplier.

3 - Starting in May 2013, the market has begun to pan out in the same fashion as other distributor regions - the 2 year fixed plan is the cheapest, followed by 1 year and 6 month. The Variable rate now is at least as expensive as Penelec's Price to Compare.

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