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Summer is Here and Texas is Hot!

Ice creams are melting, air conditioners are running, and electricity bills are soaring.

Last Friday was Texas' hottest day in July and it almost broke the electricity grid. The state nearly broke the record of energy use on Thursday as people continue to blast air conditioning in their homes and offices in an effort to beat the heat. And that means people have electricity bills that are more expensive than normal.

Compared to the other 50 states, Texas ranks 42nd in average retail price of electricity, meaning it has some of the cheapest electricity available in the states. Why is that? Probably because of customers' ability to choose their electricity provider. Consumers can be helped by companies like Wattbuy to choose the best electricity plans for them -- allowing customers to choose if they want the cheapest plan or the plan that is powered by the most renewables.

Texas hasn't faced the worst yet as August is typically its warmest month. With this impending heat explosion, now is the time to look into switching providers so that you and your family get the best deal on rates. At the very least, Texans need to start preparing -- mentally and physically -- for the heat that is about to hit them. It's time to stock the fridge with cold drinks, stuff the freezer with ice cream, and think cool thoughts!

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