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Switching Electricity in Pennsylvania

When customers switch electricity service providers in Pennsylvania, they have numerous metrics upon which to evaluate new options. A growing group of customers are interested in ensuring that the electricity they purchase has the least negative environmental externalities. Some of these customers have made the decision to install renewable energy generation capacity at their home to reduce their reliance on a power grid they see as environmentally unsustainable, but many more would like to access environmentally conscious electricity than have the capacity to install their own renewable generation capacity.

For this group of customers, purchasing renewably-generated power from an electricity service company is a great option. Various electricity service companies offer plans that provide up to 100% renewable electricity to customers. This electricity is generated through solar, wind, or hydroelectric production and made available to customers who are interested in supporting these power sources with their dollars every month. For those who don’t feel the need to support these power sources, conventional plans remain, but the trend towards embracing sustainable fuel sources has significantly influenced the market offerings for electricity.

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