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Every company needs to become a climate company

As the world electrifies and consumers become more climate-conscious, energy will become the next consumer engagement frontier. Just as customers have flocked from traditional banks to fintech, customers are ready to break away from the traditional utility experience. Our platform opens up endless possibilities for every company to tackle the greatest challenge of our time.

API-First, Customer-Centric

Data & Insights

Give your consumers the tools they need to understand their home - electricity usage, carbon footprint, utility rate, and information for any address in the US.

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Access and integrate a marketplace of personalized energy solutions - retail energy plans, renewable energy credits, rooftop and community solar, home energy devices, and more.


Create a custom energy brand and engage consumers with the most reliable monthly touch point in their lives - their utility bill.


Today, consumers lack fundamental access to a whole-home picture of their energy. Engage consumers with insights they won’t find anywhere else - usage, costs, and environmental impact - then leverage this data to build engaging products and services.


After insight comes action. Enable your customers with an extensible marketplace of solutions and give them the power to easily lower their energy bills and their carbon footprint.


Loyal and engaged customers are the key to a strong brand - and create big revenue-generation opportunities. Embed your customers’ energy touchpoints into your brand and secure engagement and ESG leadership in your field.

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