Liberty Utilities - New Hampshire Electricity Rates and Plans

Liberty Utilities is a regulated electric and natural gas utility company that serves over 90,000 customers in New Hampshire. The company is headquartered in Salem, NH and is a subsidiary of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. Liberty Utilities operates and maintains a vast network of electric transmission and distribution lines, as well as natural gas pipelines, across the state. The company's mission is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy services to its customers while also investing in clean energy solutions, such as solar and wind power. Liberty Utilities is committed to promoting energy efficiency and conservation among its customers through various programs and initiatives.




Liberty Utilities - New Hampshire Rates

The average electricity rate for Liberty Utilities - New Hampshire customers is 18.32 cents/kWh. Liberty Utilities - New Hampshire has several different electricity rates for residential customers, as shown in the table below.

Rate NameRate TypeCost Per kWh
Domestic Service Rate DFixed14¢ to 15¢
Domestic Service Rate D-10 TOUTOU11¢ to 20¢
Limited Total Electrical Living Rate (T)Fixed15¢

Liberty Utilities - New Hampshire Electricity Plans

The price to compare for Liberty Utilities - New Hampshire is 12.61¢. Rates are based on an estimated usage of 1,150 kWh per month.Update usage.

ProviderPlanRate Per kWhPlan Length
ENH Power

Worry Free 12

cheapestcheapest 12 months
See Details
13.5¢12 monthsChoose Plan
ENH Power

Worry Free Renewable 12

cheapest renewable
13.75¢12 monthsChoose Plan

Liberty Utilities - New Hampshire Reliability

In 2021, the average Liberty Utilities - New Hampshire customer lost electricity one time for a duration of 159 minutes. In total, the average Liberty Utilities - New Hampshire customer had their electricity out for about 165 minutes during the whole year.

Liberty Utilities - New Hampshire Incentives

Liberty Utilities - New Hampshire can help you upgrade appliances and smart devices in your home.

Clothes Washers$50Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Clothes Dryers$200Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Light Bulbs$1.50 - $2Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Heat Pump Water Heaters$750Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Clothes Dryers$100Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Clothes Dryers$40Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Air-Source Heat Pump - Split Systems$250-$450Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Room Air Conditioning (purchase)$20Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Refrigerators (purchase)$40Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Central Air Conditioning - Single Package$250-$450Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Clothes Washers$25Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Light Bulbs$10Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Air-Source Heat Pump - Single Package$250-$450Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Central Air Conditioning - Split Systems$250-$450Liberty UtilitiesSee Details
Refrigerators (purchase)$50Liberty UtilitiesSee Details


For systems up to 100 kW, net excess generation is credited at a rate equal to 100% of the retail energy and transmission charges plus 25% of the distribution charge, and for systems greater than 100 kW, this rate is equal to the energy charge only.

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