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WattBuy's Personalized Power Platform

Since our inception, WattBuy has been saving consumers money and decarbonizing the grid by delivering access to affordable and renewable electricity. WattBuy.com has already helped tens of thousands of customers save up to 40% on their electricity bills with recommended electricity plans, community and rooftop solar, and other energy products.

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of our Personalized Power Platform - a comprehensive set of APIs that allows any enterprise to build a robust energy experience for their customers.

We're excited to count leading consumer companies like Updater, Opendoor, Veterans United Home Loans, and Samsung SmartThings among our partners. In the coming months, WattBuy will announce additional key enterprise customers across several verticals - from personal finance to real estate, and insurance to consumer tech. These launch partners are tapping into a growing segment of consumers who are conscious about reducing energy expenses and increasingly conscious about their carbon footprint. At WattBuy, we believe that every company should be a climate company.

The Personalized Power Platform has several APIs to help enterprises engage their users and enable them to make cleaner, cost-saving energy decisions for their homes:

  • Data & Insights - Give consumers the tools they need to understand their home’s energy profile. Our electricity usage, carbon footprint, and utility rate APIs are available for any address in the US.
  • Marketplace - Access and integrate a marketplace of personalized energy solutions via API, including retail energy plans, renewable energy credits, batteries, rooftop and community solar, home energy devices, and more to save customers up to 40% a year on electricity costs and help them go renewable.
  • Dashboard - Create custom energy brands and engage consumers with the most reliable monthly touch point in their lives, their utility bill.

The platform allows partners to tailor experiences to their industry and customers. Leading real estate brands can now provide an electricity estimate to every home purchaser. Financial services companies can offer personalized estimates for cost savings from solar and battery installations. An automotive company can offer new electric vehicles paired with their own branded time-of-use plan to create a recurring billing and retention touchpoint.

The examples above only scratch the surface of how to utilize the Personalized Power Platform and we can’t wait to see the dynamic use cases that emerge from our new partners. We’re also making our platform free for government and academic institutions, which the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab and Lawrence Livermore National Lab are already leveraging for key academic work. To get started on personalizing power for your brand, please sign up for an account here or reach out at bizdev@wattb.com.

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