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Best Resources For Help Paying Electricity Bills

Need assistance paying your electricity bill? WattBuy provides a list of the best resources for you, including PIPP, LIHEAP, and HPRP programs.

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How To Shop For The Best Electricity Plan

Looking for an electricity plan? Here are the key considerations to keep in mind as you search for the best plan for your home.

Get Personalized Power Recommendations

Enter your address and WattBuy's proprietary energy estimation model will find the best electricity options for your home

Why Is My Electric Bill So High?

Learn how to fix a high electric bill. We identify the top reasons your electric bill might be high and how to fix them.

Top 8 Ways To Lower Your Electricity Bill

Find the best steps you can take to lower your electricity bill and start saving money today.

Common Electricity Terms

Read our glossary of common electricity terms.

What Is Demand Response?

Learn how to save money on your bill with demand response programs.

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