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New Jersey

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The State of Electricity in Rocky Hill

Here's the average monthly bill, usage, and carbon footprint of residents in Rocky Hill

Average monthly bill

























Carbon Emissions

420 lbs CO₂

Monthly Usage

940 kWh

Where does Rocky Hill’s electricity come from?

Rocky Hill's energy comes from Nuclear, Natural Gas, and Solar. Nuclear is the largest source of electricity, providing 54% of Rocky Hill's energy. Natural Gas is the second largest source, making up 37%. Solar provides 10% of the energy in Rocky Hill.




Natural Gas



Solar energy in Rocky Hill

The state of solar in Rocky Hill

Solar power is on the rise, helping homeowners save on their electricity bills and power their homes sustainably.

619 kWh

Energy generated by average sized system


Average system cost

(after federal incentive)

9 years

Payback period

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Net Metering Available

Get paid for the extra solar you produce

Net metering policies in Rocky Hill can help solar panel owners save money and reduce their carbon footprint. When your solar panels generate more electricity than you use, you can send the excess back to the grid and receive credit on your next bill. Just something to keep in mind when considering solar panels.

Electricity Providers in Rocky Hill

There are a variety of electricity plans available to residents of Rocky Hill. The following companies provide electricity plans in the city:

Utilities in Rocky Hill


PSEG Rates

PSEG has several different electricity rates for residential customers, as shown in the table below.

Rate NameRate TypeCost Per kWh
RHS - Residential Heating ServiceFixed15¢ to 20¢
WHS - Water Heating Storage Service (CLOSED Rate)Fixed
RS - Residential ServiceFixed5¢ to 6¢
RHS - Residential Heating ServiceFixed3¢ to 7¢
RS - Residential ServiceFixed19¢ to 21¢
WHS - Water Heating Storage Service (CLOSED Rate)Fixed1¢ to 7¢
RLM - Residential Load Management (TOU)TOU3¢ to 10¢
RLM - Residential Load Management (TOU)TOU10¢ to 33¢

PSEG Electricity Plans in Rocky Hill

The price to compare for PSEG is 8.06¢. Rates are based on an estimated usage of 940 kWh per month.Update usage.

ProviderPlanRate Per kWhPlan Length
Verde Energy

Clean Power 12

cheapestcheapest renewablecheapest 12 months
14.79¢12 monthsChoose Plan
Direct Energy

Live Brighter™ 9

cheapest <12 months
15.29¢9 monthsChoose Plan
Direct Energy

Live Brighter™ 12

15.69¢12 monthsChoose Plan
Constellation Energy

12 Month Home Power Plan

15.99¢12 monthsChoose Plan
Direct Energy

Live Brighter™ 18

cheapest 13+ months
16.09¢18 monthsChoose Plan

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